Ajax wedding decor is a unique decoration style. It implies the use of broad colors and style of Ajax origin. This is a traditional style from Ajax culture. Floating lilies and broad center pieces with long ribbons entail it. It is a lavish and classy way of decorating and is costly.

Ajax Wedding Decor

The main emphasis of Ajax wedding decor is the broad colors and classical buildings with Ajax print. This gives the wedding a traditional but classy look.

Weddings with Ajax decor style allow incorporation of other decor styles. This gives the attendance a large choice of dress code and accessories but still limits them to the main style.

Example of styles which can be incorporated with this style are British decor style, African and modern styles.
The dress code is always simple with few accessories. Dresses are long with Ajax print on them. Gentlemen clad dull colored suits eg. Black or brown with an option of ties or bow ties which have a broader color range.

Wedding centerpieces are the main and the most elaborate decoration in wedding. They incorporate the theme color of the wedding with its style and the main colors. A lot of details and specialization is put in place in coming up with this piece of decor. The main aspects looked at include: color, surrounding, time of wedding, weather at time of wedding, dress code, and color as well as the overall decor of the area. Centerpieces can either be hanging floating or placed on stands. The ones placed on stands are the most common. They are easily installed and have a broad selection to choose from.

Space is always a major issue in wedding decor. Wedding centerpieces are affected by the amount of space available. Large spaces allow for very elaborate and detailed centerpieces like waterfronts and numerous flower pillars. This gives the centerpiece a lot of detail making it very large. It will draw the attendances’ attention for sure. A small space limits on the type of centerpieces to be placed. The most used in this case are single pillars or hanging centerpieces. They are brief and simple but always impressive as simple decor always comes up neat and compact.

Wedding centerpieces are the main decor in a wedding hence proper execution is required. For a dream wedding experience a proper centerpiece is required and good setup is done to give the maximum results and deliver the best experience for all the party goers.

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