If you are looking to create a beautiful tableau for your wedding reception – which in itself marks the start of your happily ever after tale, it goes without saying that having the right decorating ideas for wedding tables is very important. This is because the right decoration can transform otherwise functional furniture into exquisite décor. This means that in as much as people may not realize that you swapped out your room’s curtains to resemble your wedding decorations, the same cannot be said of your tables if they aren’t loking festive. Therefore, if you are contemplating on how to go about your Kitchener wedding décor, below you will find some tips you can use to make the day more elegant and beautiful.

Kitchener Wedding Decor

Shape and Arrangement

As much as they are subtle, the shape and table layouts at your wedding reception are very powerful decorative components. Thus, you can use oval and small round tables which are more exquisite than rectangular tables. Moreover, arranging tables in clusters can help foster mingling and conversation. In fact, rather than arranging your buffet tables in a straight format, you can have them in a U-format and you can go a step further and add a backdrop behind the cake table or head table to create picture perfect setting which will help accentuating the decorations.

Covers and Cloths

Rather than having the common white tablecloths for your wedding, you can go with an laternative route and add some distinct flair to your wedding table decorations. You can do this by:

  • Choosing lace or patterned cloths for additional textural detail.
  • Choosing colored cloths to add a touch of drama, which can also help in concealing stains
  • Using layered clot napkins, ribbons and streamers to add color to your table cloth or create a central runner.
  • Draping cloths along the table’s edges for an increased visual impact.


Even if you are on a tight wedding budget, you can opt to add lightly sprinkles items on the wedding tables. In fact, you can use them on their own or you can combine them with your centerpieces for simpler designs. Some of the items you can sprinkle include:

  • Glass rocks or beads
  • Autumn leaves – if you are having a fall wedding
  • Confetti or glitter which matches the wedding colors
  • Faux ice cube – if you are having a winter wedding
  • Mini rose buds


Planning is the key when it comes to Kitchener wedding décor. With proper planning and care, you can easily incorporate various decorating ideas for your wedding tables. In fact, planning can help you create an elegant and stunning wedding reception which would allow for beautiful picture and creating happy memories.

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